The Auto Dolly Line and Merrick Originals are built in the USA from a manufacturer who has been committed to quality work since the beginning, over 40 years. Their usefulness spans beyond automotive restoration, they also have the capability of being used for several different uses including lawn and garden, industrial, boats, trailers, and much more.


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The Merrick Original products were designed originally for our own use. No tool was commercially available that allowed us to do something that would make our life in the automotive shop or garage simpler, easier, more comfortably. So we designed and built a tool to do the job ourselves. In most cases, the tool worked so well that we decided to also manufacture them and offer them to automotive enthusiasts and professionals. The response has been tremendous! 

Merrick Machine Company is the maker of The Auto Dolly product line as well as the “Merrick Originals” line of tools for automotive restoration and repair.

The company was originally founded by Jim Merrick in 1961. It was established to manufacture a new line of highly automated and specialized machinery for home builders. The company having proved extremely successful, began a diversification program into the plastic business in 1972. As the company grew and developed it was incorporated into various divisions.

Today these companies are structured as Limited Partnerships and each business is a stand alone company doing business in separate facilities with independent offices, manufacturing and warehousing. With sustained and programmed growth, these they have continued to modernize and expand the physical assets, state-of-the-art equipment, and add talented and competent personnel.

Together the business is split 50-50 between custom and proprietary products, in the packaging, irrigation, signage, and automated machinery. With an active customer base of 2250 accounts, we produce a wide range of products serving almost every area of the economy. This diversity includes products for recreation, agriculture, breweries, cookware, automotive, plumbing, manufacturing and medical industries. Products produced are for both domestic and international.

Total company employment is 250 dedicated quality employees. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction we have assembled certified engineers supported by cad-cam systems, competent marketing professionals that meet customer’s expectations, and CPA’s and the clerical staff that can complete the information flow.

We rely on the past as our guide, with a renewed sense of commitment to these principles that produced results, we are prepared and eager for the challenges of tomorrow.


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